Zuena Shows Off Cleavage to Arouse Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool and Zuena on Valentine's Day

Ugandan living music legend Moses Ssali who is commonly known as Bebe Cool topgether with his wife and mother to his kids Zuena Kirema are ranked mong the top most controversial power couples in Uganda that is why they always make an effort to stay on top.

Even though Bebe Cool and Zuena have been together for over 10 years, their love and affection just keep on getting stronger and firmer by each day that passes and this Valentine’s they decided to go out for Lunch right after Bebe Cool sent out a sweet message to her.

“Happy Valentine’s day my beautiful wife Zuena Kirema Ssali.I love you unconditionally.” said Bebe Cool.

In order for Zuena to honor and appreciate all this love, she decided to put on one of the most arousing dresses in her closet and it is this black cleavage showing dress that has sent social media to a standstil just to comment about it.

To take the honor back, it was Bebe Cool who posted the photo and captioned it;

It all started 16 years back and now we stronger than you can ever think.
Thank you for loving me honey pie

Bebe Cool and Zuena Instagram post


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