Zanie Brown Shames Club Ambiance for Spoiling Her Name

zanie brown
zanie brown

For over the years, it has been a tendensy for promoters and event organisers to put artistes, comedians and other stars on their posters just to drive and attract more customers yet in actual sense those people aren’t aware of those bookings.

Now Singer Zanie Brown has decided to step up and defend her reputation by filing  apolice case against Club Ambiance and also put up a Facebook post defending herself from this poster she had no knowledge about.

“This is to inform all my fans that i am not booked to perform at Club Ambiance Mityana this valentine’s day, I have never been contacted or my management about performing at this venue. Please don’t fall prey to these con men.” announced Zanie Brown.

The Fake Poster Zanie Brown trashes
The Fake Poster Zanie Brown trashes

She also talks about he Police Matters and what the rightfuk steps are for booking her;

“I have already taken the matter to the authorities and legal actions are going to be applied
All places i will perform to at this Valentine’s will be informed and please note my official booking TEL is 0393239147 or come to our offices at Quality Supermarket Entebbe Road.” she concludes.


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