Woman Caught Red-handed Burying Son After Being Abandoned by Husband

If you thought that heartless people nolonger exist then you’re definately so wrong, a woman has been caught trying to bury her live child/son just because the child’s father abandoned her and she had nothing to feed hi.

When he was caught red handed by concerned fellow residents, they called upon the police to come and save the child from his merciless mother and upon being captured, she claimed that she still loves her child but she was fed up of starving him since his father ran away and failed to provide for them.

She also went ahead to defend herself that what she was trying to do is simply anything any mother can do to save their child from starting and suffering to death.

The child has been taken to the hospital for a check up whether he is still okay and the woman is still being kept under police custody as investigations are under gone to find out what exactly happened and why she tried to kill her own womb.