Weasel Hits Studio for New Projects

Weasel Manizo
Weasel Manizo

Word reaching our Blizz news desk indicate that Weasel is slowly stabilizing and ready to get back to his feet after a shocking loss of his all-time music partner Radio. As many thought that it would take him ages to stabilize he has proven them wrong as he is cited in new projects that include collaboration songs too.

It is being learnt that Weasel has three solo projects at Wonders Just studio with top producer Nash Wonders which are complete club banger in a dancehall genre since it is Weasel’s style of music, hardcore music. And being the fact that it is Nash Wonders who is producing them and is known for banger hits, we know what Weasel is up to.

It is further learnt that he has three collabo songs with dancehall female songstress Sumi Krazy which are already finalised and awaiting their release dates. Weasel has been cited in many song projects since Radio passed on and among them are those he has not yet released that will find his new song called Kankuwaane done by producer Washington which is already on promo.


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