VIRAL VIDEO: Spice Diana Makes a Fool Out of Herself on National TV

Spice Diana expressing herself on Spark TV
Spice Diana expressing herself on Spark TV

As the situation gets intensifying about Spice Diana’s 32 points she acquired at ‘Advanced Level’ and came in second grade, everyone has come out to question her academic stand and many have moved on to question the academic document she just acquired from Makerere University as if she cannot ascertain her senior six points.

And more of her fans have moved on to start playing comedy in her as we have seen them make posters of her that she is the aspiring member of parliament Mukono Municipality in 2021 general elections and they made her slogan like “To improve Uganda’s education system” but this was a mockery as she even doesn’t have intentions of joining politics.

All this started yesterday Sunday in Mwasuze Mutya show hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe at Spark television and Spice asserted that she got 32 points from a History Art and Luganda combination.

Spice Diana also continued to inform the public that she was among the best performers and her result shocked the whole school administration because that year the whole school had performed badly.



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