VIDEO: P-Square Fight in their Lawyer’s Office Because of a Woman

Nigerian Mighty duo of P-square brothers by the names of Jude, Peter and Paul Okoye following the shout out they gave Jude who welcomed a baby girl yesterday with his wife a viral video captures them fighting and verbally assaulting each other at their Lawyer’s office even after months of them in a scuffle.

This brotherly fight has come after a termination letter of the group was made public yesterday.

In what seemed like a video recorded by Peter, you can see the brothers exchanging insults and almost resulting in a fist fight. It would be recalled that it was reported in the news that  Peter had chosen to terminate the contract between the group saying he won’t betray his wife and kids for the group.

Peter had reported that Paul canceled their US tour shows without his knowledge, that he even canceled all the shows that they were already booked for.

Peter also claims that their elder brother, Jude threatened to kill him in the presence of Paul and the wife of the former governor of Cross Rivers state, Mrs. Imoke.

According to Peter, he fears for his life and that of his family, claiming that Paul has been threatening his wife and family and he reported that last year, he tried to resolve things with his brothers just to please the fans, that they all agreed to release a video each to apologize to their fans which he did but Paul and Jude refused, thereby making him look like the bad guy in the eye of the public.

This whole feud started with a back to back shade on Instagram from Peter to Paul and vice versa. Now we have a clear picture of what is happening at the Okoye household. Trust Pulse to keep you posted as this story continues to unfold.