Swangz Avenue to Sign Up Weasel Manizo

As there has been mixed reaction after the untimely demise of Uganda’s vocalist and Weasel’s musical pattern many Ugandans came up with speculations predicting musician Weasel’s musical career end.

However, the Swangz Avenue Benon the co-founder of the company has expressed the desire of signing Chameleon’s brother into his crew and taking over the managerial role coupled with promoting all his musical projects. He as well revealed that all videos and and marketing shall be taken charge of by the record label.

When Blizz Uganda contacted Benon he confessed that he has been Weasel’s secret admirer and that if signed to Swangz Avenue it shall become one unstoppable musical company in Uganda.

Its should be noted that Swangz Avenue has major headlining female musical acts who include Winnie Nwagi and Vinka though there are male artists the company has put much emphasis in promoting the females more.

However, according to one insider, he disclosed that the company is intending to fuse Singer Winnie Nwagi and Weasel to out compete others.


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