Stella Nyanzi Lifts a Middle Finger to Abiriga’s Car

Stella Nyanzi on Abiriga's Car

Wonders shall never seize as some of them happen to where we can least expect them to happen from, now this is what describes this Stella Nyanzi Abiriga story. We did not know that of all people, Stella Nyanzi was that one person that yearned and died to touch Abirigas wonder yellow car and more so, pose with it for a snap or two.

And we have been shocked for her top reveal to us how she got her dream come true and how she ticked that from her needs list after taking pictures with Abirigas car at the parliamentary parking lot. She was caught overjoyed and could not hide it for herself and had to let everyone know that she had just lived her dream.

Remember Stella Nyanzi is a staunch anti NRM government person so we wonder why she has been all along dyeing to touch the yellow car of Abiriga.


We even got to an extent of thinking that maybe yellow is her favorite color because there is nothing other than that that can connect her with Abiriga or his car. When you are at the Parliament of Uganda and the devil tempts you to steal a picture of yourself and Hon. Abiriga’s celeb car.

Forgive me Lord, I fell for the delicious temptation and sinned with so much pleasure. Happy to tick another item off my bucket list she cried out as she showed off the pictures she took. Congratulations madam professor.

Stella Nyanzi on Abiriga's Car
Stella Nyanzi on Abiriga’s Car

Stella Nyanzi on Abiriga's Car


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