Did Spice Diana Join Illuminati? See the Truth

Did Spice Diana join Illuminati

There’s a Facebook Account that has been posting so much about relationships and Illuminati but in the names of singer ‘Spice Diana’ hence triggering people’s attention to wonder whether Spice Diana had joined Illuminati.

Apparently, there’s a specific post that also captured Spice Diana’s attention which was talking about Illuminati (devilish stuff) hence forcing her to come out to defend her honor.

The heartbeat raising post read like:

My fans, please give me at least 2 minutes and read this…

There is an act that has developed here on Social media platforms, Where one posts a Picture of a Naked girl and tells you to Comment with your Whatsapp number that you will be added in a Dating group, please I beg don’t List down your Number because those groups are not there, what all these guys need is your phone number, then they add you in Illuminati.

This has happened to 7 people I have seen ,One of them,is eating snakes during night,another one rats and so many others, These guys after getting your number, they will call you, you will here voices saying veeee….., but with no good word coming , in fact you will hear no word but Screaming Voices and after you will be added in Illuminati, so please if you have got this message via Facebook, Twitter and other Social media platforms, Stop that act of writing down your Number…
Please I beg share this Message to every group, pages and friends you like most, you will see how many people you will save,

Am sure God will reward you with a Surprise if you Like, share and Comment with Amen on this post…
I Love you my Fans.”

Unfrotunately, it was a fake Facebook account that posted all that as the real “Bukete” singer came out on her Official Facebook page and warned her fans about the scam.

“SCAM ALERT. this is not my account family. Please be careful, the following keeps on increasing . The owner is after something negative. The owner even blocked me. Please help me #share this to stop this bad action.” she posted.