Singer Lil Pazo Reveals his Mentor Musically

It is always a rare thing to find an artiste coming out and share a touching moment with his fans especially about who made them love the music industry or about those that made them join the industry when it is not an interview. And the’ genda ogule emotoka’ hit maker Lil Pazo has broken the rules and done so by revealing who actually introduced him to the industry with great joy.

He came out and quipped to our Bliz mole that if it was not for the sake his fellow artiste Barbi Jay the Reverb Music song master, he would not be anywhere musically and he moved on to say the Barbi Jay used to teach him how to sing and do some financial help for Pazo. He moved on to say wish him the best in all although we did not establish whether he was wishing him the best in music or other things because as far as we are informed, Barbi Jay flopped musically.

He is my mentor Barbi Jay Nsolo Nkambwe he received me in this music industry before no one got to know me. May God bless him for me Lil Pazo chirped. In an extended talk, Pazo listed other artistes who helped him to join the industry but insisted that Barbi Jay is the person that deserved the biggest mention according to how he helped him.