SHOCKING: Slavery is Back in Africa, People are Auctioned for $400

If you thought that slavery in Africa ended so many years back then your wrong, in Libya it’s back and it is highly being practiced by the auctioneers as evidenced in these shocking pictures of black immigrants in Libya being sold at “$ 400 apiece”.

The deterioration of detention conditions for migrants and refugees in Libya makes the situation “inhuman,” as highly confirmed by the UN last Tuesday after a team of the CNN television channel revealed the proof for slavery (filmed an auction of human beings.)

“They are strong and good to work on the farm.” This is how the Libyan smugglers are presented, in images obtained by CNN equipment and authenticated by the US chain, “the merchandise” migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, sold at auction as these images were filmed in Libya.

We see black men, in a single file, waiting for some potential buyers to determine their price. Two are finally “given” to one of the bidders for $ 800 then they are put on a boat to cruise them all the way to their new “Masters” to start working for them for free just like how it is in the “ROOTS” movie.