Sheila Gashumba Explains Why Her Father Was Found with Two Passports, She Says she has two also

Two days ago, government critic Frank Gashumba was captured by Police and in his possession at his home, he was found with a couple of things including two Passports, Marijuana, cocacine and fake Ministry of defence stamps and documents but now his daughter Sheila Gashumba says that it was very well known about the two passports.

“I have seen a blog showing two of my dad’s passports. When I was young I was called Sheilah Carol Nyinabashumba. It was a long name and Gashumba is the family name, so I swore an affidavit to change to Sheilah Gashumba. I actually have two passports … I swore an affidavit and I don’t use that passport anymore.” she confirmed.

She also went ahead to talk about her father, “Same happens to my dad. Before, he had a name ‘Franco Malingumu’ and you know what happened in Rwanda. When Rwandese came to Uganda long ago, they tried to get names as Baganda. He had a baganda name but later told my grandfather, we shouldn’t hide. So there is nothing bad with him having two passports.”

“When I see NBS posting about how my dad was found with drugs and cocaine, I totally wonder why they should say something different from the police spokesperson. You don’t have the footage, you didn’t even follow up. Last November he was arrested by UCC and media houses were present. This time there were no media at the house. Please let us try not to say so many lies. Only God is allowed to judge us. Don’t use your platform because you have had a conflict before,” Sheilah added.

“You want to frame Frank Gashumba as a drug dealer or a bad person. Please if you want to build up a story it will be more authentic for you to call Sheilah. My dad doesn’t do drugs and does not sell drugs. Do you know how he ended up at CMI? The picture you have posted has his brother as well. Small brains, take your time, investigate,” the young Gashumba concluded.


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