Sheila Gashumba Brags About her Father Being the Best in the World

NTV ‘The Beat’ presenter Sheila Gashumba has once again preached to the populace about his family asserting that there is nothing righteous and complete on planet earth apart from her father crediting him to be the best dad in the world.

This follows days of relief in the Gashumba lineage after days of uncertainty when the her uncle and father were arrested by the chieftain of military intelligence (CMI) on accounts o0f forgery, unlawful possession of narcotics and conspiracy to commit a felony although the later being released on a cash bail.

On Saturday 25th November 2017, Sheila and her father happened to attend a wedding ceremony of their family friend known as Wilber where the two captured public attention as revelers yearned to have a glimpse of who the popular city con man in Frank Gashumba is and her daughter as they behaved so cozy having whispers every second in the due course of the ceremony.

Thereafter, as if it was not enough, the Africell Uganda Triple data ambassador immediately hit her social media platform posting their today moments as he praised and assured her friends and followers about the goodness of her sole parent who has nurtured her to where she is now as a celebrated figure countrywide.

She has scorned off haters alleging that they just after spreading ill hearted rumors about his father aiming at painting his reputation with curses but all in all he is better to none.

“My best friend is better than you!! Hello haters? We are sending you some extra love this weekend,” lamented the tall pencil sized TV presenter.

We are yet to ascertain the truth about Sheila’s point of view about her father after the high court proceedings deciding his fate on cases pinning him to criminal activities since now its so hard for revelers side by her analysis.


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