Rapper Navio Ridicules Racist Serene Suites and Hotel

Navio Kigozi

Ugandan rapper Daniel Kigozi Lubwama aka Navio has ridiculed the racist agenda surfacing foreign based enterprises operating in the country mention Serene Suites and Hotel as its services seem to be driving the country back to the long distance trade.

The alien service center located in Makindye division, Kampala city has went viral as far as its employee recruitment process is concerned that is seems to be racialist with locals being undermined at some posts.

The hotel that recently announced vacancies went on to emphasize the need of strictly some whites bad Indian applicants for the slots of the hotel and restaurant managers which according to the ‘Njogereza’ hit singer is total discrimination since also the natives are equipped with the academic qualifications.

The advert placed out by Serene Hotels
The advert placed out by Serene Hotels

Navio thinks it’s high time for the parliamentary equal opportunities committee to act upon such investors who are aiming at creating disuniting nationals through racial abuse that will hinder the stability and development of the country.

“Kick racism out of Uganda. Don’t play with me rude bwoy. When I ask you to make inquiries into this Human Rights violation in your establishment in My Hood and you try quoting the Law-you stand more to lose,” asserted Rapper Navio.

It is alleged that the singer will be petitioning the parliamentary equal opportunities committee come Thursday 15th February 2018 on the discrimination in the recruitment process in the country basing on colour for an immediate reaction.

A Letter from the lawyers
A Letter from the lawyers


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