PHOTOS: Radio and Weasel thrills fans at liquid silk.

Just like it has been the at the unplugged season 2 by most artists in Uganda recently, Blizz Uganda caught up with some of the light moments when fans got engaged by the artist.

The East African dynamic duo has continued to prove their worth in the industry following yesterday’s thrilling experience puts the RAW (Radio and Weasel) highly ranked and most celebrated artists in Uganda.

Recently Jose Chameleone staged a very great performance at the same venue with thrilling experience that the Good lyf crew has emulated.
Though initially seemed a threat ahead of the Goodlyfe being the first time experience.

Radio and Weasel drove the crowd crazy with their sensational music and touch majorly their love songs that gets every reveler on the heals.

After the experience, the Goodlyfe crew later linked up with Wizkid where they disclosed that they are not only working on only one musical project but it’s just the beginning of the journey.
Below are some of the photos on how the show went down at Liquid silk.