Photos: Meet Vanessa Jones, Uganda’s Next Generation Musician

When people talk about a full package, then upcoming singer Vanessa Karungi alias Vanessa Jones is a real example.

With a small soothed angelic voice, Vanessa will make most Ugandan musicians and fans will ask where she has been.

The 31 year old is a Mutoro who migrated to USA in 2005 to find her family. She later on in 2014 got married to the love of her life.

Born in a typical African family, Vanessa is one of the few siblings that some she hasn’t met.

“My father has a lot of children that I can’t count. Some of them I don’t even know” she told the Blizz Team.

The Urban African singer is signed to Music Writers Room Record Company where famous writer Yesse Oman Rafiki belongs which makes her music worth listening too.

She will soon hit the country to share and produce more of her music.

“I have a lot of music I am going to release soon and Ugandans should watch out for it. It will be amazing that I promise.” Vanessa Jones said.