Musician Bobi Wine Roars Again

It has been a break like for artiste and legislator Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine as far as attacking the government is concerned and we had thought that maybe it was because of the government intruding into his music business by cancelling his shows that it scared him but no, we were wrong. And this time round, he has come in to defend his fellow artiste David Mugema.

It should be remembered that Mugema David and his producer Jonah Muwanguzi were thrown behind bars over the song they made that was asking president Museveni to retire that people are tired of him. The song that gave birth to all this is called Wummula loosely translated as Retire. This made Bobi Wine get his anger to one of his social media accounts and roared to the government and call upon other activists to protest against the unlawful detention of the two.

“I recently posted about the continued repression of the freedoms of speech and expression in this country. The regime has opened war on everyone who criticizes its excesses. Its focus is now on the artistes. Friends, this is real. The regime is in panic mode. They are doing everything possible to coerce us into joining their regime of corruption and national shame or silencing us incompletely. According to them you either sing praises for them or not sing at all. The moment you sing about the future of your country you become their target. We cannot allow this to happen!” Bobi Wine roared.

He joins activists like Professor Nyanzi Stella who hurled abusive slogans to the government that they should free Mugema or else the government has pressed a wrong burton. Bobi Wine went on and said that there is no artiste that is safe and that they should yell now otherwise nobody will hear them as this may even lead to the end of the music industry. No artiste is safe. If we do not yell, nobody will hear us. We must stand as one and defend our constitutional rights and freedoms or else this might spell the end of the music industry and of our freedom of conscience He added.

Before he moved on to call upon all the human rights activists and other concerned bodies to come in and fight the artistes torture especially those who song about the current situation in the country, he said that music is not a crime so no one should be jailed because he sang about the countrys situation. Music is not a crime, it is an expression of life and a reflection of the broader masses he ended.

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