Meet the 8 Year Old KIBERU JOSEPH Who Owns his Own Motor Cycle Garage

When life gives you lemon, surely pick that lemon up and make lemonade out of it, Kiberu Joseph had quite a challenging life during his early childhood hence growing up learning a few thing sincluding learning how to repair motorcycles and now he uses his skills to survive at the age of just 8 years.

KIBERU JOSEPH who also owns his own motor cycle garage in Kibaati town, Mubende District is a Primary two(P.2) pupil who takes some days off from school to repair motorcycles in order to help his poor father raise his (Kiberu Joseph) school fees of UGX 200000 per term hence enabling his study.

Life is not as easy as it looks but Kiberu here also hires a few people who help him run the garage while at school and even when he is around, these people he hires help him take care of a few heavy things he can’t handle by himself.

Below are some of the Photos showing Kiberu repairing a few motorcycles.



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