I Make Albums, I’m Not Like You Teletubbies – Angry A Pass

Barbie Jay-A Pass- Geosteady
Barbie Jay-A Pass- Geosteady

This is now getting serious an out of hand as the war between Geosteady and A Pass gets so heated up despite the outside parties trying to calm the situation down. And the latest is now A Pass terming Geosteady and his fellow RnB artiste Babi Jay as ‘Teletubbies’.

It should be remembered that this war had stopped when Geosteady dared A Pass to bring out the work he done has musically especially last year 2017 and moved on to ask him to post pictures of his (A Pass) concert if he had any and as we speculated, A Pass had to fire back and here he is. It should be noted that after Geosteady threatening that he is tired of entertaining A Pass’ fans that he will stop singing, faded artiste Babi Jay of Reverb music came up and sided with Geosteady asserting that A Pass is a kid in the industry and he deserved to belong to the music museum.

This pelted A Pass and consequently he has just replied that he doesn’t play singles anymore he is a type of releasing albums saying that he is an album material and he moved on tk say that the two are chicken farmers who have worked hard to remain stupid, so Geo Viola (referring to Geosteady) and Babi Jane (meaning Babi Jay) should sit down and let A Pass shout with the music.

Tell the two Teletubbies
I am a full time musician that makes albums. They are half musicians and have chicken farmers and they still want to battle me yet they say I have no work. Oh my Goodness, you can’t be this ignorant at your age you two little people, You are putting in so much work in remaining stupid.” He asserted in dismay.

“To all concerned fans of Tinkiwinky and his dear friend Please deliver this message to those 2 Teletubies. Barbie Jane and Geo Viola. I am busy finishing my 24 track album” A Pass continued to roar as he despised the two with even chimpanzee pictures referring to the two. This is not even nearing the end of this,the drama is on and one of the major two music giants will win.