Lilian Mbabazi Writes a Heart-Breaking Letter to the Late Mowzey Radio

Lilian Mbabazi with Radio's kids Asante and Ayana Kazooba Sekibogo
Lilian Mbabazi with Radio's kids Asante and Ayana Kazooba Sekibogo

Ugandan songwriter Moses Sekibogo Nakintije who was commonly known as Mowzey Radio passed on at the 1st of February 2018 and two days later he was laid to rest on 3rd February in Nakawuka Kagga but upon his death he left behind so many broken hearts.

Among the torn apart hearts was that of his two kids baby mama and fiance Lilian Mbabazi who also triples as a musician and songwriter but now she has penned down a really tearing down letter to him.

“I have been trying so hard to get the strength and words to write something about you Papa Asante. I have been in a nightmare and I can’t seem to wake up from it. Knowing that I can’t see or talk to you is very hard for me to understand. You were kind, a SPECIAL human being and the greatest talent of our generation.

I am blessed I got to share many moments with you, I am grateful for our amazing children. You have left a huge gap that NO ONE will ever fill. I love you Papa Asante forever and May God give me the strength and courage to raise our children to continue your legacy. To Everyone that has reached out and supported me through this time, I want to say thank you so much and I am humbled…

May God bless all of you… Papa Asante we miss you and I see you every time I look into our babies’ eyes… Words are not enough to express how I feel in this moment. Please rest in perfect peace. I will be still and know that He is God….” Wrote Lilian Mbabazi.

Mowzey Radio passed on just a week after getting admitted to Case Clinic in Kampala after a night of a bar brawl with a bouncer that is currently under police custody.

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The Late Mowzey Radio
The Late Mowzey Radio


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