Kream Production Singer Donah Mbaziira Arrested with Drugs in South Africa

Ugandan singer Donah Mbaziira affiliated to Kream Productions who is famously known for her ‘Mavumba Vumba’ hit song has been on Tuesday 22nd November 2017 arrested at Wonder boom national airport in South Africa after being found in possession of contraband cocaine that had been hidden in portrait photograph she was traveling with.

Donah who is still incarcerated by the airport police for drug trafficking had traveled with the rest of the Kream Productions crew mention CEO Hajji Haruna Mubiru, Kazibwe Kapo and Baby Rich as they headed to Pretoria were they are meant to headline a musical show later on Tuesday evening.

According to our credible sources, the singer claims a certain individual whose details have been kept secret due to the ongoing investigations asked her to transport the parcel to South Africa though she claims to be innocent and clean.

Hajji Haruna Mubiru and the rest of the crew have proceeded with their locus to Pretoria for the show as their member behind bars waits to face court on charges of drug trafficking.

Donah Mbaziira is another Ugandan musician charged on foreign soil for drug trafficking after singer Iryn Namubiru faced arrest in Japan in 2013 with a narcotic drug made from cocaine called MDGF worth 1.9 billion Ugandan shillings.

We are yet to ascertain latest developments on Donah’s incarceration and if she is really aware of the drugs that were on transit to given destination in the coastal country of South Africa.


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