How to know that someone is not interested in you

You have that deep love for someone, be it a friend, or a lover but you are not definitely sure if they really, care or love you back the way you do or if at least they are not interested in you. It hurts to love people and have them not love you back in return. Here are the signs that someone you like or love has no interest in you.

1. They can hardly call you. It will always be you calling time and again, if you ask, they may give an excuse that they don’t have Airtime or they don’t have prepaid calls like you, but ask yourself, don’t they have people whom they call??? Yes they do, they call those who are worth their Airtime and time.

2. You always call them and they refuse to pick and all they tell you is that u called when the phone was on charger and you wonder if their phones don’t show MISSED CALLS and why they never called back.

3. In case of a misunderstanding you are always the first one to apologize whether you are right or wrong. It’s because you treasure them more than they do to you and they don’t care whether they lose you!

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4. They can do something against you just to please someone else who is more important to them and whenever you ask them why all they tell you is that “I HAD NO OPTION” and you wonder if the best option was betraying you!

5. When you’re talking to them on phone and someone calls, they excuse you, hold your call and receive the new call but whenever they are talking others and you call them they can’t hold the other just to talk to you and won’t even call you after talking to the one they were talking to.

6. You are the one who always Visit them and all they tell u is that they are always busy!!!! Hmmm so my friend; are you an idler or you are a wanderer? They are not interested in you.

7. They always tell you about people they love, who mean great to them but if u try to consider they don’t always tell others about you; because you are not that important to them my dear.

8. They always call you when they are broke and want some bailout or call you when they are worried, stressed, bored or broken hearted, just expecting some counseling from you or any other help and you wonder if you are only a friend in problems.

So my friend, it hurts to see that you take such to be best companions though they don’t take u important to them. Know that however busy someone is, they must find time for people they care about and however serious the dilemma is, the best option shouldn’t be acting against you but talking to you and you help them get out of the situation.

Accept the reality, let go of all Relationships which makes you to be ever begging for love, relations which only work on your expense.

Let go of Friendships that do not value your time and effort to make them workout, friends should be there to give you happiness not stress.

The best  people in life, who will love you back in return are just out waiting for you.

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