KCCA Forces Alex Muhangi to Shift Comedy Store From Bukoto to UMA Lugogo

Uganda’s leading standup comedy night lovers are yet disrupted and shifted places as Alex Muhangi and CEO and founder of Comedy Store Uganda has once again been forced to shift his Thursday comedy nights from Club 400 Bukoto all the way to Lugogo Exhibition Hall known as UMA.

According to a notice that was ousted by Comedy Store Management, it is said that they have decided to shift from Club 400 Bukoto to UMA because KCCA warned them and kept on interrupting them saying that they promote Noise Pollution since they always perform during the nights when Bukoto residents want to sleep.

This is not the first time Comedy Store is being shifted as Mid Last year it was moved from Dinners Lounge in Bukoto due to management issues with the venue owners, so Alex decided to move it to the neighbors who were Club 400 and now they have been disrupted again.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re moving to another Venue.  Find out more information in our official statement.” said the management.