Happy Birthday The Queen Of Buganda Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda

The Queen of Buganda her Royal Highness Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda is a proud mother as she celebrates another earth day with love.
Born on the 9th of November 1964 in the UK capital of London to John Mulumba Luswata and Rebecca Nakintu Musoke is celebrating 53 years today.

Also referred to as Mama Nabagereka is the current queen of the historic kingdom in the modern day of Uganda and it is considered as the third largest economy in the East African community.
She is married to the current King of Buganda kingdom, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II and a mother of one child in princess Katrina Sangalyambogo.

Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda has a Bachelor’s, Master of Arts and Mass communication degrees from New York University and is popularly known for her Nabagereka foundation aimed at celebrating positive culture and providing development solutions to the standards of living for the locals in Uganda mention fighting early teenage pregnancies and keeping the girl child in school.

As Blizz Uganda, we just wish one of the most prominent and adorable personalities in Buganda Kingdom and Uganda at large better life and healthy living.