Geosteady and Leila Kayondo in High Gears

Geosteady-Leila Kayondo

After sleepless night without a man in her homestead for months now, reaching to an extent of being sexually starved, Musician Leila Kayondo has hooked up singer Geosteady to clean up her tears and explore her juicy wells.

Though Geosteady Blackman is a married man who is fathering some kids, ,it has come to our notice that the ‘Manifesto’ hit maker is after making him her secret play boy who can kill off all the stress she has been encountering ever since she was dropped by former fiancé SK Mbuga.

Ever since Singer Leila Kayondo was viciously beaten by former fiancé, city tycoon SK Mbuga in an uncertain fight that led to the breakup of the two lovers, she has been sweating tooth and nail to see to it that she revives her faded music career since the chief funder had left her for another woman, Vivian Mbuga thus seeming to care less about about love and romance.

Our credible sources have affirmed that the ‘Tonkeedeza’ hit maker is ever at zero distance with the chocolate brown singer and it is anticipated if all factors remain constant, he is willing to break up his marriage to fully concentrate on eating Leila’s bean.


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