Evidence of Fille Cheating on Kats with a Dubai Nkuba-kyeyo Comes Out

I think you can all remember the drama that emerged out last year (2016) when the Celebrity couple of Musician Fille Mutoni and famous MC Kats fought to am extent of Kats almost loosing half of an eye oba scuffle that wasn’t really clear, now new evidence of Fille cheating on Kats has emerged out.

Apparently, the “Kumbaya” hitmaker has been cheating on her fiance with some Dubai based Ugandan who went to work and for some good time they have been having a secret affair now to an extent of the Nkubakyeyo even taking care of MC Kats’ son because he helps pay some of the bills.

Anonymous WhatsApp screenshots of their affair have come out to the public after the two having some misunderstandings and soon before we know it, something worse might come out exposing both Fille and Kats.

Below are the viral screenshots exposing both parties:

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