Eddie Sendi Suffocating with Debts Because of Bobi Wine’s Flopped Concert

The Dembe FM presenter Eddie Sendi who was the chief organizer of the Bobi Wine VIP show at theater Labonita on Friday is in immense pain after accumulating debts to organize a show that later flopped.

Blizz Uganda has learned that the Musician turned politician’s show flopped because it was over politicized and over rated with high price charges with general tickets going for 50k each.

According to one of the close associates of Eddie Sendi, he revealed to Blizz Uganda that his counter part (Sendi) is in hiding and trying to solicit for funds to pay back to the owners after a flopped show.

By around 9:00pm Theatre Labonita was not half way to the estimated capacity with not more than 200 revelers that later on never adjusted until the main act (Bobi Wine) had to be called on stage for performances.

Meanwhile, most of the fans claim they would attend due to the on going threats of politicizing that musical show it scared them off and bared them from attending .

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