Don’t Depend on Only Bryan White – Chameleone Warns Weasel

Weasel with Bryan White
Weasel with Bryan White

The ‘champion’ hit maker is not leaving any stone unturned, just after the death of a comrade and a partner to his brother Weasel, Chameleon has come out to warn his brother that he’s bound to be distracted by the Money bags tycoon one Bryan White who has been described by the public as an attention seeker.

This follows the announcement made by Bryan White that he shall sponsor all Weasel’s concerts and other musical shows countrywide. Weasel has been at the sympathy of the majority of the populace with some of whom making unnecessary judgements that the singer’s career is doomed after his musical pattern passed on.

However, the self proclaimed doctor made serious warnings to the brother that Tycoon Bryan White is ruining his career in the name of ‘giving financial assistance’ and false confidence which he furiously remarked that it will put an end on his career assuming there is support.

The “Valu Valu” hit maker and all time East Africa’s legendary artists urged his brother Weasel with immediate effect cut off all the ties and connection with the tycoon and concentrate on his musical career.

Meanwhile, Weasel compelled to the brother and acknowledged his advise and immediately rushed to studio in Makindye to record one of his solo projects.

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