“Diamond Is Still on Probation, i Can Leave and Date Someone Else”- Zari Hassan


The drama in city socialite and Mercedez AMG brand ambassador Zari Hassan‘s life will never stop as she continues to promise us that she can not settle for less but always aims for the best in life and even though she wakes up one morning, she can still date someone else.

“I can even date 100 Men because i love being loved, even if i leave Diamond today i will date someone else tomorrow” said Zari Hassan.

It was during a live radio interview on 88.2 Sanyu FM where she had visited to hype her White Party annual party taking place at Club Guvnor when the mother of 5 proudly announced that after Diamond Platinumz cheated on her, she decided to put him on probation and even if things fail, she can always move on.

“Why cheat with a low life, why cheat from my bed, why not wear a condom, Diamond is still fighting to live up to my standards…” lamented Zari.

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The whole topic was sparked off when the host asked Zari what she did and how she felt after Diamond Platinumz cheated on her with Hamissa Mobetto to an extent of even impregnating her.

However, Zari also went ahead to announce how much she loves Diamond as a man because he’s now doing all he can to hold the relationship up as he’s the one that organizes all the vacations, stays home with the kids and so much more.

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