Diamond Platinumz New Chick Called Tunda Uses Tiffah’s Photo on her Profile

Diamond Platinumz-Tunda Sabastian-Zari Hassan
Diamond Platinumz-Tunda Sabastian-Zari Hassan

A few days ago we came out and alerted you about Diamond Platinumz side chick called Tunda Sabastian who uses Tunda Official as her Instagram and Snapchat name and she was confessing how she had aborted his baby before but now ready to give birth for him.

Now the same chick has started proviking Zari and building up a war between the two after she started using Zari and Diamond’s daughter Tifah Dangote’s Photo as her Profile Picture on her Instagram account.

After firing shots at Hamisa Mobetto, Tunda decided to use Tiffah’s photo as her Instagram photo but was later forced to pull it down.This comes as surprise since nobody thought she had guts to try Zari’s patience. The wrong move not only left her feeling embarrassed but might have been blocked by Diamond Platnumz or rather had to unfollow him due to the pressure.

It’s however not new to see the singer being caught up in mall dramas that later end up putting him on Zari’s bad side.

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