Comic Kato Lubwama Asks 100m for age limit consultation

This sounds so comic and controversial but it comes through that Kato Lubwama is still having the game on. Just after standing out of a pack of opposition MPs when he made it clear that he will not return the 29 million back to the Parliament treasury but instead will donate it to a SACCO in his constituency which he did today morning.

Rubaga South Member of Parliament Kato Lubwama has come out again to ask parliament to increase the Age Limit Amendment Bill Consultation token by 71 million bringing it to 100 million. Kato Lubwama claims his constituency is wide, urban based and consists of I know more type of citizens who require extensive time and research to consult.

While talking to the media, Kato mockingly said he cannot achieve this duty with only 29 million shillings only. He suggested parliament should give him more 71 million if they are to realize credible results about the Age Limit Amendment Bill consultation. Meanwhile, Saccos in Rubaga South are on their knees for parliament to accept Lubwama’s request since they are the core beneficiaries of such grants.