Chris Evans Finally Finds the Love of His life

Chris Evans

Years after being dumped by long time b0nkmate actress Jamirah Karungi Kulumba on grounds that he was too broke to the extent of failing to fulfill her personal desires, Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi has finally found the love of his life.

It is alleged the actress in local TV drama known as Zubair shocked the nation when she let go Evans for being a low income earner despite the fact that the singer was madly in love and so affectionate for the TV series reality star.

Chris Evans’ efforts of convincing Jamirah to come back to his life went futile when the chocolate skinned actress decide to hook up a one Nkuba Kyeeyo known as Fahad Kulumba and despite composing several hit songs aimed at retrieving her soul back to him mention ‘Nebereera eno’ and Nguwe Ani’, the singer had to think about other alternatives.

The good news coming in from the ‘Nakupenda’ hit singer affirms that he is no longer searching and now is contented after discovering the love of his life.

“in my life I dint know I would ever fall in love to the level of posting my mugole on social media, but some people can be too good to u to d extent dat u start regretting the tym u spent on ur ex,” singer said Chris Evans.

The singer’s announcement of his new catch sums up all the allegations that have been going on that he might be seeing fellow musician Rema Namakula since he is finally drunk in love.

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