Where to Buy Cheap Food in Kampala this Christmas

This is the question almost everyone staying in Kampala and fleeing away to the villages this christmas but its kind of a hard one to answer since all food prices starting from Matooke to Binyebwa have been seriously hiked and most so doubled in different markets.

A survey conducted in Owino Market, Nakawa Market, Nakasero Market  and others shows that food prices have been doubled from their normal with just one day left to the over waited fir Christmas day.

In Kibuye Market:

A batch of Matooke is now buying between UGx 50,000 to UGx 65000 from UGx25000

In Owino Market:

A Matooke is now buying between UGx40,000 to UGX50,000 from UGX30,000

In Nakawa market:

A batch of Matooke is now buying between UGX50,000 to UGX70,000 from UGX40,000.

In different markets and abattoir meat prices and chicken have already shoot up, now a kilogram of meat is now UGX15000 from UGX10,000shs.

A chicken is now sold between UGX30,000 and UGX70,000 from UGX 25000.

The spokesperson of Kampala city abattoir association Wilber force Mutesasira says they expect the price to go more higher. Meanwhile the human traffic at the city abattoir and different markets is increasing every minute as people flock to buy meat, chicken and food.


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