Build a House and Stop Renting – Eddy Kenzo Tells Bebe Cool

Eddy Kenzo-Bebe Cool
Eddy Kenzo-Bebe Cool

Having entered their new house based in Seguku with his wife Rema Namakula with whom he has a child named Aamaal in 2016 which sounds as good news to the ‘Jubilation’ hit singer, there’s one sad story of a house that never gets finished.

While appearing on NBSTV’s evening entertainment segment ‘After 5, the singer frankly advised the Gagamel CEO to stop talking ill and crap about his music and good deeds and focus on developmental work especially having his own house and stop renting since he claims to be the Big Size of Uganda’s music industry and the epitome of the local entertainment industry.

“He claims to be building apartments but we already sleep in ours,” asserted singer Eddy Kenzo.

Recently Bebe cool during his TV interview on Spark TV’s Kona show exposed the weakness halting Eddy Kenzo’s music career being that he is so full of egoism and childish behaviors forcing her to give little time to the studio work thus advising him to settle down and up his game so as to match his league of music projects.

However, Kenzo seems not to let it go with firing back at Bebe cool’s allegations with a belief that he is more hard working than Bebe cool as far as his music career is concerned since he can write his own music something which is contrary to the ‘Katono’ hit singer’s music.


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