Bebe Cool Vows to Crash Whoever Plays With his Wife Zuena

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

The Gagamel boss Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has alerted the general public to stop sending and directing insults to his wife Zuena Kirema. Bebe cool made remakes while warning his critics to stay away from his family and with major concern of staying away from his wife.

The ‘Katoono’ hit maker furiously remarked that he will crush up whoever messes up with his wife or even engage her in any Bebe Cool talk.

“Whoever shall engage, insult and abuse my wife is going to face the wrath. I shall fight whoever enters and pokes his nose into my family, people should learn to mind their businesses” Bebe Cool furiously remarked.

Zuena Kirema
Zuena Kirema

He further stressed that whoever feels is strong enough and wants to fight should approach him in person rather than directing the abuses to his family,

“Anyone who has a problem with me and has his energy should come and stage a fight with me but should he or she risk and talk about my wife expect the worst” Bebe Cool added.

The Gagamel boss made these statements after his wife made several complaints about the unending insults directed to her by her hubby’s competitors and “enemies.”


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