Bebe Cool Promises to Show Off All his Land-titles to Silence Jose Chameleone

Bebe Cool with Zuena and their Kiwatule Apartments
Bebe Cool with Zuena and their Kiwatule Apartments

The battle between the Gagamel Boss Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and the Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone has been silent for sometime now until a few days ago when Chameleone decided to refuel it again.

Jose Chameleone came out and asserted that Bebe Cool is mature enough and with all those kids he has (6 Children) he should stop renting and build a house for them since he doesn’t know what is going to happen to him tomorrow.

Chameleone also went further and asserted that Bebe Cool should stop investing all that money in just music videos but also work harder and invest it in personal possessions like Houses and apartments.

In his response all this, while appearing on a Live Facebook Video with blogger Raymond Soulfa commonly known as Peng Peng, Bebe Cool said that he has so many property that he even at some point stops counting even though he doesn’t show off like most of his rivals.

Further more, Bebe Cool said that his latest video dubbed “Want It” is worth more expensive than those simple land titles Chameleone is begging for and starting in two weeks time he will be Showing off all his Landtitles to the public.

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