Activist Stella Nyanzi furiously reacts to the arrest it Musicians

Social and political activists has stormed the media protesting and threatening to stage demonstration about the arrest of two artists David Mugema (31) and Jonah Muwanguzi (23) artist and producer respectively.

The duo were arrested yesterday after they released both an audio and video of their song titled “Wumula” which many say it’s a political centered majorly focusing on the ancient dictatorial regimes and their systems .

In the lyrics of the song they literary mean it’s time you retired and you should resign ,
“Ogamba okeze binji naye wumula
Ekiseera kyo kituuse seebo tuviire.
Wade onagana naaye manya bino”

However , the police charged the duo with offensive communication saying the musicians are inciting violence and directly attacking the president.

While in the video of the song there are major political acts like Muammar Gadhaffi , Adolf Hitler Sadam Hussein and others plus the poor dilapidated infrastructure and schools .

However, the two music icons are to be charged in the court’s of law for offensive communication, but activist Stella Nyanzi has revealed that the government system is oppressing and depriving rights of innocent talented artists who try to bring out and portray the clear image of the society they live.