25 Things you should never ever do on your first date

When going to the date for the first time, it’s your chance to make either a relationship happen or just stop at that date, therefore mind what you do, what you say or even show on the first date, lest he/she should find you nagging on the very first date. Here are the 25 things that you should never do when on the first date.

1. Giving more attention to your phone that the attention you give to your date. When you are out on the first date, it’s ideal you turn off those social media notifications, give your phone the least time and give your date more time. When you pick or make a call make it as precise as possible, or else the date will find you annoying.

2. Don’t show up late. When going for the first time on a date, you need to be there in time, when you turn up late, it will show your date that you are either not serious or not even interested.

3. Don’t talk too much about your family. If you have children, spare them on the first date. Don’t bring your mother here in these stories, your brother or sisters. Your date will know them with time, on the first date they are not really, really important.

4. Don’t get drunk or try to make her drunk. This is especially to guys, who try to make ladies drunk so that the lady will find them funny after two or three glasses of a liquor, stop that, decisions made under the influence of intoxicants do not always yield.

5. Don’t open too much, on the first date; you need to tell them so little that is enough for the first date.

6. Do not talk too much about your Ex. It would be even perfect if do not talk about your ex at all on the first date, but sometimes, the date may press you the extent of opening about that ‘annoying’ topic. If you do, then let it be brief.

7. Do not come along with your brother, sister or friends. Just be alone, the date needs to talk only to you and to see only you not the peer or the clan.

8. Avoid acting like you are expecting your date to pay. Ahem! Just show you are ready to clear your bills. It develops respect towards you from your date.

9. Avoid flirting words like ‘I Love you’, you are my heart breaker, etc it’s not yet time to utter those ‘useless’ statements. Rather you can use compliments like ‘I liked your attitude’ ‘I enjoyed your company’ etc.

10. Don’t keep the conversations driven towards you, make the conversation engaging, and let it balance towards both sides. If your date is trying to shy away for explaining self, then ask questions that will make them also get engaged in the conversation. Don’t make it a one sided boring conversation.

11. Do not in any way shame your date. Even if she/he makes a mistake, look for the most polite way to correct them or if possible just ignore. Don’t see her asking a beer and a straw and then you scream ‘a beer and a straw awwww!’

12. Don’t talk about your future children. It’s the first date and you are already talking about having kids in future’ oh no! Spare that nonsense for another day.

13. Don’t act like you on a job interview. Be free, those who go, especially men, with written speeches about their goals in life, their past, targets etc calm down, just ask her what you want to know, she will also ask you what she wants to know and it’s over. Isn’t it?

14. Don’t act super horny. Wanting sex on the first date will show that; she only wants to go out with you to get laid or the relationship will be centered on sex or mutual reasons for sex are different which are all predicts that the relationship will fail in future.

15. You need to be decently dressed. I am not saying that look for those designer clothes or a suit with a bow tie, no but at least do not turn up in shorts and an arsenal jersey, don’t you see? Dress nicely, look nice.

16. Try not to look different from your online photos. If you know photos on your Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp account do not look like you in reality, expect an embarrassment, better try change that my dear.

17. Don’t be rude to the waiters and servers or even the tax drivers. Guys this is common with you, trying to use the ‘bossy’ commands and act rude on waiters, it really irritates your date.

18. Don’t ask questions like how old are you, religion, etc, this is a date not population and housing census.

19. Don’t try to save your date. Questions like “Do you accept Jesus as your savior” should be left for your pastor when you finally introduce your date to your church.

20. Pay meals with coupons. On the first date, you pay for drinks or meals using coupons and promotional codes, or dear you will really look cheap.

21. Smell bad. Before leaving, make sure you do not smell that teenager-ish odor, those smelly armpits, check them before you leave, if you are in doubt, use a perfume.

22. Talk about your salary. Never, Never, Never. OK?

23. Starring at other people. You are on a date and you have already started showing admiration and lust for other people around, be it the waiters or other customers. It’s not good. Keep your focus on your date.

24. Talking with food in your mouth, if you are at a dinner date, mind the way you eat and talk. It matters a lot.

25. Family background. It is useless at this point.

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