150 Nigerian students risk being deported as the government pulls sponsorship

152 Nigerian students are not going to graduate and are yet to be deported back after the government pulled their sponsorship. The affected students have been attending university education in the United Kingdom but are now stranded after they have been assured by the Universities that they will not graduate and their Visas will not be renewed.

Universities of Sunderland and Swansea are reported however to have promised to allow the students graduate though it’s speculated that their transcripts will not be released but rather held as a ransom for debts.

The University of Essex, Sussex and Leeds are among those rumored to have told students that they will not graduate and their visas will not be renewed adding that they will be deported starting from October 20. However the University authorities said that they sympathize with the students though they didn’t make it clear whether they will allow them to continue and graduate.

The Nigerian High Commission acknowledged that 152 students are falling victims since the agency fell short of funds ever since oil prices dropped.

The students include some of the brightest students of Nigeria most of whom are studying medicine and other science courses.