​Meet Wolf Beard, a Ugandan Dancehall Artist in Sweden

Each day that passes by, fresh talent rises and the new generation always ends up challenging the veteran musicians that’s why we shall never get tired of introducing the talented ones to you with our latest being Wolf Beard.

Wolf Beard, born Ivan Segawa in 1996 is a Ugandan Dancehall artist trying his best to wave his country’s flag through the use of his energetic Dancehall vocals that he has been portraying for over a years now.

Wolf Beard joined the music industry in 2016 voicing his songs from different audio studios in Sweden then sending them back to Uganda to be produced and mixed by Ugandan Music producers like, Producer Wani, Mastermind, Danz Kumapeesa, Jah Live, Murder Kays, Diggy Baur and Side Soft.

So far he has no video out yet but he has six (6) audios out already titled: Nkenene, Sammula, Kyamalamu, Yampabiira, Kyakikulu, Nsomesa and his latest dubbed OKOKONYA NGA ANGELLA who’s video he will be releasing in a few weeks.

Currently, as Wolf Beard is still in Sweden, his unstoppable talent gas attracted different people from Uganda to start working with him and now his Newly signed up manager is Mosh Mulla, a prominent Artist manager, event MC and well recognised for his great work at the Kisaasi based Benrich Lounge.


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