​Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Maureen Nantume

Some people know who Maureen Nantume is right now but some don’t know where she came from and how much she has achieved ever since she joined the Ugandan music industry, so let us briefly drive you through her musical journey and success.

Maureen Natume’s Biography is kind of different from that of most musicians since she has been a fighter from day one up-to where she us now.

She is one of the few Ugandan female musicians who have managed to remain relevant for more than a decade now.

Maureen starting her career as a very young girl with Uganda’s famous band called Eagles Production, when she never expected to be who and what she is now.


However, she kept her hopes high because this was Uganda’s 2nd biggest band ever after Afrigo Band and she knew working with them would help catapult her musical career.

Maureen is officially and happily married and now she bares two kids with her husband, she is still one of the very few female artists in Uganda with a number of albums under her name.


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